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Meet Dennis Ganahl

Humorist writer who loves America


“Growing up, I was too busy to sit down and write. Instead, I told stories. I’m blessed to be getting old enough to slow down so I can write”.

About the Author


Dennis is a creative storyteller, who has collected lots of interesting friends, travels and experiences. He’s a devoted father and husband.


Interesting facts about his life

  • Worked at over 100 jobs including factory laborer, dump-truck driver, newspaper publisher, and professor

  • Bought his first of seven newspapers when he was 27-years old

  • Taught to shoot pool by Spitball Charlie, International Trick Shot Champion

  • Managed his first political campaign at 20-years old, credited, and blamed, for getting George H Busch nominated as US Vice-President

  • Shook hands with Elton John and Santana, and danced with Tina Turner

  • Drank cocktails with F. Lee Bailey and Mike Royko

  • Ardent sports fan, coolest St. Louis sporting events he’s seen in-person

    1. Skipped high school, watched Bob Gibson strike out 17 Tigers in game one of the 1968 World Series

    2. Sat in NCAA booth to watch Bill Walton shoot 21 of 22 shots to score 44 points to win 1974 NCAA Championship

    3. Watched the lunch-bucket Blues win the Monday Night Miracle against Calgary Flames, 1986 with Mom

  • Eagle Boy Scout and still lives by the Scout Laws

  • Preferred pronouns: He/Him/IPA

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