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Dennis Ganahl

"Grab yourself a copy and have a good laugh" 

- Dennis Ganahl, American Humorist

New Release

Don't Shoot!
We Come in Peace

If you like stories about UFOs, Bigfoot, Hillbillies and Fake News with a Hollywood climax, you’ll love this book.


Sheriff Mac, war veteran, must put his love interest on hold when KORN radio station is attacked by a UFO. Believers flock to the Lake to witness the next UFO attack. The media frenzy grows when Bigfoot is seen near the attack site. Can Mac solve the UFO and Bigfoot mysteries in time to save his relationship with Faith? Plot twists with a farcical Hollywood climax.

This is a political satire which features a large cast of lovable hillbilly characters in the vein of Al Capp’s L’il Abner. There’s the beautiful Faith, Mac’s gorgeous yet innocent love interest; capitalist and Hillbilly Opry star, Slim Carter; Harry and Dottie, proprietors of Sizzerbill’s; gigantic moonshiner, Bubba; Moonbeam, the crowd-pleasing loveable pig; and Elvis, Mac’s hound dog. The dialog is packed with hillbillyisms which will make you smile like a cat eating cockleburs. There is also a large cast of reporters, professors, politicians, and Hollywood actors.

Get your copy today. If you enjoyed “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, you’ll love this lampoon about hillbillies, UFOs, Bigfoot, and the media.

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About Dennis Ganahl

Humorist writer who loves America


“Growing up, I was too busy to sit down and write. Instead, I told stories. I’m blessed to be getting old enough to slow down so I can write”.

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